Did You Know?

250 birds varieties have been seen and recorded in Mount Kinabalu? Several bird varieties including the Mountain Bush Warbler, Kinabalu friendly Warbler, palefaced Bilbul and Mountain Blackeyes.

What People Say About Us


MKS (Mount Kinabalu Sabah) was the best choice I’ve selected! Our company had a business trip to Sabah and we had a few days to spare before going back to Singapore, and we decided to do a hike up Mount Kinabalu since a few of my colleagues have been wanting to take up this challenge. Before we head over to Sabah, we came upon MKS website that specialises only on Mount Kinabalu tours. After a few quick inquiries and replies from them, we made a booking via the website and it all done and done! The hike up was great! The tour guide was so friendly and helpful!

Feliks Keane

GM, KR Brothers

I dislike having too many choices to choose from, so mountkinabalusabah website has made it so easy for me to just pick and decide what I want for my Mount Kinabalu hike. They’re reasonably priced and I like the fact that they are so specialised on their tours that they are REALLY good at what they do.

Ion Jayden


The hike up was fantastic! The whole experience was so good. From the booking process, to the hike, to the descending from the mountain. Everything was just smooth running and lovely.

Judd Grey

Support Manager